The Right Number – “PK” is Outstanding, and Religions are Indeed the Opiates of the Masses

1 01 2015


“Civilization” will never civilize itself until and unless the obstacles to proactive intellectual and rational thinking and questioning are completely eliminated.  Here we are in 2015 now, and the world is overflowing with superstition, ignorance, and voluntary submission to the greatest con-artists in human history:  the “religious establishments,” empowered with foot soldiers extorting money from the poor and vulnerable with each breath and word and turn of the head.  Spirituality has nothing to do with the big RE (religious establishments) — they are big businesses, in ALL religions.

The film “PK” is a MUST see, and those who already judge it as a “hate” film are not those who have watched it and fully understood it.  That is crystal clear.  Notice the angry, violent reactions against PK.  No wonder; after all, fundamentalists (I like calling them religious fascists) in ALL religions are the same in their hatred, anger, intolerance, narrow mindedness, and propensity for violence.  Made from the same mold and mindset.  Also, it’s important to note that what PK represents is not unique to just one faith, but reflected in all religions.  No exceptions.

Religion is the most successful marketing racket ever.  And, its most effective tool has been FEAR, as the film points out so well.

It’s about time people open their eyes and minds to the realities that all religious establishments have agendas — top among them is money making; also the agendas include controlling the masses and exerting power over them.  What could be more intoxicating?  What could be more enticing for the greedy FAT CATS with very FAT WALLETS, who keep asking for more and more and more?  How can humanity allow these criminals to get away with their thefts, not only of money, but also of dignity, self-esteem and confidence, and ownership of oneself?  Yes, religion is a type of mental slavery.  The difference is that far too many humans willingly volunteer to become slaves to it.  Even in 2015.

Please watch “PK” (in Hindi with English subtitles) with an open mind:


The views expressed are personal.