Taliban 2.0: Targeting Women Globally – Jerusalem Post Aug 27 2012

26 08 2012

Cell phones banned for girls and women under 40

Here is my latest opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post, “Taliban 2.0: Targeting Women Globally”:


I would be interested to know what readers think about such decrees (fatwas) being handed down to restrict the rights and freedoms of girls and women in India and elsewhere.  Please don’t hesitate to submit your comments.  Thanks.

“Syria Cyber-War” – BBC World Service Interview Aug 8 2012

8 08 2012

Today (August 8, 2012) I was interviewed on BBC World Service, discussing cyber warfare in Syria.  You can access the podcast at this URL:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/newshour

See the list of stories in the column on the right, and click on “Syria Cyber-war 8/8/2012”

The direct download link is here:


My interview is 6 minutes 45 seconds into the program.